July 27, 2010


We went to Hampton Court Palace few days ago. The home of King Henry VIII. It was really close to our home. Watch this space for updates okay?



July 25, 2010

Man and Monday

Usually summer is the time UK will be flooded with tourist. Not just UK I think, even the whole Europe. Those are the time you'll see a lot of middle east people come and shop like mad people. You can't even see the pavement of Oxford street with all these people and worse it gets hotter everytime. It isn't comfortable. And these people are so rich buying unlimited material world things I don't think they can get any richer than that.

This is the time when a lot of our friends come and visit and stay for a day or two for the holiday. So a few days ago 2 of our friends from Malaysia came. Guys to be specific. Both of them work at Schlumberger and had ridiculously amount of holiday so they decided to pack their bags and plan for a backpacking adventure. For a MONTH. How cool. I wished I had month of holiday with Fairuz. And obviously they were excited about the idea of backpacking. Man and backpacking. I just can't understand. Anyway, they arrived separately with different airlines and they had only a day in London for sightseeing.

While they were staying and sleeping in my living room, I observe a thing or two about living in a house with a bunch of guys. Well including my husband of course. But obviously a husband only can't help to generalized man and that itself is not enough data for me to gather if I were to do a research on men behaviours. So even for only a few days these are few things I found

1. They forget to close the bathroom doors and switch off the light after leaving the bathroom. Fairuz used to do this the first few months of our marriage but after a while he become the cutest man by knowing how to switch off the light (probably by paying electric bills teaches him that).

2. They didn't a mirror to get ready before going out. I found this very very amazing. I mean I can't even live without a mirror anywhere. A mirror is like girl's best friend. Well, although one of them do wear moisterizer but he definitely didn't need a mirror to put on the lotion. I not very sure about Fairuz though. The only time that he uses a mirror is when he wanted to comb his hair. That's it. only once a day. Amazing isn't it.

3. They eat  A LOT. Man they do. OK atleast one of them eat a lot. I was happy that they finished up my food as it would only go to waste if it were just us. Although Fairuz eats a lot too but not being a youth anymore has force him to take care of his food intake and drool on healthy ones. I don't complain much. I like my man to be lean and eats healthily.

On Monday they had the whole day for sightseeing and Fairuz decided to take an off day on the spot. He called up his boss and said he needed to give a tour for his friends. His boss is so cool I thought. He didn't need an approval but he just needs to tell him. So went for a day tour with 2 of the guys and 1 of our polish friend Maja. I joined them later for dinner.

Don't you just monday. The first day of the week for working day.

Happy Monday you all!!! 

July 23, 2010

A day in my Office

This is when I'm so indulge in my work and a problem starts.

And carefully I'm trying to solve the problem.

Crap! I couldn't it

This is when I started to get really stress

Then I resolve to reading

And read some more. Gee this thing is getting really boring it's like reading ancient sanskrit.

I can't really go on anymore!! help! 911. There's fire in the office and I don't need to come tomorrow do i? Bare with me it's already 6.30pm

And then I started to do what any researcher (or is it just me?) would do. Make funny faces

This is when I introduced my lil friend to you. His name is pamela. Don't ask.

And then my collegue starts to notice what I'm doing.

Ohh my lips are dry. Gotta take care of those lips.

And those hands. don't forget those hands.

Wait a minute. Hang on. What am I thinking. It's 7pm and it's time to go home and Fairuz cooked chicken chop! Yahooo.

Oh well.. Toodleloo... (excuse the wink, I'm bad at it)

July 20, 2010

Doing groceries when you're married

I often notice that when Fairuz and I do groceries shopping in Tesco or Sainsbury, there would always be a man. Young or old walking alone in the aisle of breakfast and cereal and frowning to what seems like a huge world problem in deciding what type of cereal he needs. A few minutes later the man would then take out a piece of paper in his pocket, take a good look at it and still frown and sigh. If it was an old man it was so cute watching his shaky hand holding the paper and trying his best to decide what's best. And if it was a young man he would do what other young man would do. Take out his mobile and start dialling. 

Man: Honey, which type of Kellogg's do you mean by the red one? There's like a million and they all look the same!

It's so cute! And I always think that is a norm. A cute norm.

Before I got married I found doing groceries isn't something that I like or neither is something I would do often. In Malaysia I'd never have to do groceries shopping, instead I used to eat at a stall or a restaurant for every single meal when I was a student. Eating out is much much more cheaper that way.

But living here you could save a lot if you cook yourself. Really. A 100 quid could last you for a month on groceries when I was single. And those single days isn't days that you would eat properly and buy groceries that consist of broccoli or artichoke. It always end up you in the middle of Tesco and you don't even know where to begin with. And lets face it carrying those heavy Tesco plastic bags while riding 394 london red double decker bus isn't very fun nor does it seems attractive (you need a man, you need a bf for the carrying work bit because it just seems so right for a man to do it. Like what Fairuz always do for me of course). Or else I'll just end up googling Tesco website and just click on anything I need and before you know it a huge van arrived at the door step bringing my milk and eggs for me. It's pure bliss but I have to bare with the delivery cost.

So when Fairuz and I start living together it as if my perspective on doing chores like groceries shopping change and it was one of the fun thing to do. The idea of going together and choosing what type of salad is so fun we almost bought everything on the shelf that's healthy. I can already see a smiling face and a pat on the back by my personal trainer at that time. We even save our first grocery receipt and paste it on the fridge as a momento. We had every type of herbs and we even bought a few pots and pans. And it was the longest receipt as it was our first grocery outing and obviously the house has no food at all when we move in. But still it cost us about only a 130 quid and this could last for months. I thought it was fun choosing together and I could really get used to it. And I couldn't imagine why couples didn't do groceries together but instead send out their man to do it with only a list to refer to.


After a while Fairuz starts to complain about me putting a lot of stuffs in the shopping trolly and spend on something unnecessary like a box of magnum or a packet of sneakers bars. Yeah! and he would then droped 2 packets of Kinder Bueno as an excuse that he needed it while doing his work and thinking using his brain is making him hungry. And without realizing it we've exceeded the monthly groceries budget. Damn those Kinder Bueno. Fairuz! I told you it's not good and look what you've done. And not just that, it seems that a women(me especially) have a habit of browsing every aisle and see what is needed so we end up 3 hours instead of 1 and a half hours.


So after a long thought and a few cup of tea we resorted to a plan that we think would work on saving and not spend on unnecessary. That is to make a list! Although when I think about it we did have a list before and still would drop a few or two things in the trolly as an excuse that I forgot to put that thing in the list. So again after a long think and a few cup of camomile tea Fairuz decided it's best if I do the list and he would go do the groceries shopping by himself. He said that would save us time and money a lot.

Turn out. He was right.

So he's been doing that all this while now every saturday while I cooked at home. Me do the list first and he would go buy it. So when people ask I can safely say that it is an effective way to do grocery by saving time and money.

Now that explained why man are send out to do groceries instead. It's simply either they didn't want to spend on unnecessary or the women are at home cooking (or so). Ok maybe not cooking but saving time without a women.

July 08, 2010

2008, Young and Barcelona

It's surprising how only 2 years can change ones appearance drastically. Like wrinkle appeared, skins become more sensitive, some wear more make up and some gain some weight (like me, I'm not proud of it). Blame the hormone. 

Fairuz has this habit of keeping all photos captured in his camera memory card and never transfer them to laptop. So a few days ago I transferred all his photos from 2 years ago into his new Macbook. It was a lot. I mean really a lot. Of course those were the days when we could have long summer holidays and travel really really a lot. Traveling was one of my hobby (until now though I couldn't find time anymore) while living here. Because face it, this is the time I could travel freely without kids to care of and expensive tickets to worry about. One of the perks of living in Europe. We got variety of countries to visit and culture to experience. It's cool. 

One of the experience I've never shares here is where me, my bf (now husband) and 2 of my bestfriends went to Barcelona in July 2008. It was summer and it was super hot there. And coincidently it was the Euro cup final and Spain won the match. It was some night to remember. Imagine Spain celebrating that night. 

So I was looking through the transferred pictures when I realised I look so very young (not that I'm old now but still...) in the photos. Yes I was quite slim(one of the thing I miss about *sigh) and no make up to cover my young face (I was a simple girl and love being free and natural and also it was easy for me pray without make up on, imagine taking your ablution with your eye liner and mascara on. tsk). It amazed me that although it was just 2 years ago, I look very different in terms of appearances (I still have the same face). I mean look at Fairuz. He looks like a 16 years old. So if it was 2 years ago and that would mean I married an 18 years old. Sheesh! No way.

There's a funny story happen while we were in Barcelona. Ria wasn't a hijab wearer when I first met her and while we become friends. It was a really weird and awkward time when she decided she wanted to wear one. It was while in Barcelona and it was super hot where women wear skimpy clothes and bikinis and a rare opportunity to witness naked people on the beach that she decided it was time. Haha. I guess it was the pressure (I think that was what she said). At first she said it was some trial and error time but turn out it stick in the end. Isn't nice? see how cute she look. 

Barcelona was a great place to visit in the summer. Despite the flood of tourists everywhere, Barcelona has a few places that should be visited. I couldn't remember the names but a few of their main attractions is the architectures by the famous Gaudi. Gaudi has this weird taste and concept I couldn't never understand as an engineer. It's colourful and quirky, even his apartment is so cute.

If one day you have the chance to visit a country. One of them should definitely be Barcelona.

Oh I wish I could write more but it already 11pm (we researcher sleep early I tell you..or is it just me?) and Fairuz's already snoring. My eyes are half shut now I couldn't be bother to correct/edit any typo in this post. So I think it's time. Oh...whatever....goodnight peeps!

July 06, 2010

From driving license to Portsmouth

Passing for a driving license in the UK is a big deal for some of us. As some of us know not many of them had passed even after a few attempts. But for those lucky countries who's driving attitude and etiquette maybe seems reliable to the British standard like Singapore got to easily convert their license . Unfortunately for us Malaysia we are required to start like all 18 years old teenagers with a theory and practical test. 

So last week Fairuz had passed his driving test after just first attempt and can officially and also legally can drive our car around (he's been driving technically legal all this while with his international driving license). International license can only be used up to a year for UK residence like us. Although he has been driving for 7 years he was still quite excited to received the license and drive around just like an 18 years old. Haha. So me and my sister got ready and went off to Portsmouth just to satisfy his needs of driving.

The journey to Portsmouth took about an hour plus from our place. Portsmouth is a city located on the south coast of England where a Spinnaker tower is a striking recent addition to the city's skyline. Near that is an area of retail outlets, restaurants, clubs and bars now known as Gunwharf Quays. One of the advantages of the shops here is the price of the outlets items. 81 designers outlets with prices half the normal retail prices. I guess it has something to do with the port (I just knew as a shopping heaven.Hehe). Portsmouth is also one of the closest sea from our house.


When we arrived there we headed straight to the bar for a late lunch.I was hungry and the weather was about 25 degree. The sky was pure and clear soft blue they glow. It was beautiful since we rarely had that as a UK weather. We went shopping a bit (ok fine, I) and by 7pm we just had to enjoy the sea view. There's a few things the sea in Portsmouth differ from the sea in Msia. First of all the air is not at all humid and the breeze is cool. There's not a single sand on the shore and instead it was fills with rocks. Naturally.


My legs got a bit wobbly while walking on it. Every now and then I had to balance myself feeling like a 2 years old kid learning to walk. It was fun I swear. But the most interesting part was searching for a rare rock that have a serial number on it. It was believe there isn't a lot of it and it's scattered along with the other natural rocks. I wonder what is the history behind it. Or maybe they just put it just to make it interesting. I'm sure there's people up somewhere laughing their heads off watching random people like us ducking trying to find a rock like an ostrich. Fairuz was a bit excited, I swear I wasn't. Hehe.

Portsmouth stone

La mer


After a while we went back when it was just about to dusk. All tired and happy. We arrived home at about 10pm. Cooked mushroom pasta with cheese and ate dinner just before midnight, ruining a week of diet. Pfft.