October 24, 2008


It is 0226hrs in the morning, I am still in front of my notebook when I'm suppose to be sleeping. My body are exhausted and my eyes barely open but my brain can still work. I need to pack my bags and boxes and stuff it in the store but writing seems more interesting. maybe later. Tomorrow I'll be on eurostar to Paris again twice this year but today I manage to join a day trip with Fairuz's family to the Stonehenge and bath. It's free and I got to see the British heritage. Why not?

The city of Bath was beautiful.The city was founded, among surrounding hills, in the valley of the River Avon
around naturally-occurring hot spring where the Romans built baths and a temple. Other than that it's a typical beautiful English City. But the Stonehenge caught my attention. Although I have no clue whatsoever about the history of it, somehow I feel there is something interesting about it. Nevermind.

When I opened a map given by the information counter at the British Heritage office, it strike me that there are hundreds of beautiful protected British heritage that I didn't even know exist let alone knowing the history of it.I used to hate my history class but after devoting my time about an hour to the cold weather observing the Stonehenge (Hanging stone) now I understand why and how people came to love learning about history.

October 22, 2008


Here's a thing about commemoration day.Personally.

I once had my degree graduation in the multi-purpose hall in Uniten. It was not great, less than I expected, the long hours waiting for a single name to be call was boring..a "bazaar" of a no fiesta unlike our neighbours the UPM and UKM.

And then today I went to my fiancee's Convocation at the Royal Albert Hall -the weather was at its best behavior. There is no fiesta whatsoever not even a booth selling flowers -just the reception. But the greatest thing about their day is that I noticed not a single parents of the international students didn't make it today.Atleast not that I know of. The smile that everybody puts on their faces was simply -happy.

Somehow it changes my perspective that the commemoration day is actually beyond great -it was beautiful. So here I am putting my graduation day in one of my list of "most memorable thing in life". And I hope it stays.

October 20, 2008


Now that it has been 1 month since my final master presentation, even a donkey would surely knows what have I been doing during my free time.....nothing. Within 1 week after the viva I have been doing nothing..waking up late as if a day is consist of one hundred hours, staying up the whole night browsing the net, sometimes spring cleaning the house before the real occupiers come back to London. 1 week seems a long week for me because there is nothing that I look forward to when I wake up everyday almost noon. Believe me when you are living in London doing nothing does not fit you into the community and vast culture.

When I first arrived in London a year ago, I was alone. I lost my passport the very same day the passport control officer said "Welcome" while mistaking me to an 18 years old undergrad student. Frankly it was tough being me at the very time but thank god mom n dad had a way of calming me down.

Now here I am after 1 year still in London counting whatever days I have left until I return back home not for good but just for a few months.I tell you being part of one of the world's leading financial, business and culture centers makes me moves forward tries to catch so many things at the same time. The bankers never sit down in the tube/train, the business partners walks as fast as I am sprinting a 100m, the top student in class never fails to stay up everyday in the British library, the rich and spoil shops like there is no tomorrow. While me I'm just here to make my parents proud, to make my future worth while. Although I cannot deny I wish I was born rich, spoil and famous but I'm glad I am the way I am so that I can envy and eager to follow the steps of successful Datuk Jimmy Choo the moment I met him at MSD raya open house here. It wasn't easy at first but I got the hang of it but still struggling a bit. Even so I still can't be tired because it's London. As Samuel Johnson once said
"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."

Can you be tired of London? So I'm moving forward slowly now and faster after a while try to fit into this community.

October 07, 2008


This is the 2nd time I celebrated Eid in London.

Every year in London, Eid falls one day earlier than in Malaysia. The night before Eid we'll break our fast at the MSD (malaysian student department) where there would have free food for all the students. While waiting in line taking turns for the food like in those old days where we're in the boarding school, the lunch lady or simply the girl behind the food counter would yell "tomorrow is eid! tomorrow is eid!".Student smiles cheerfully not just because of the free food but also because tomorrow is the holiest day for the Muslim.

As cliche as it is, on the morning of the eid itself we would wake up early, get shower and wear our traditional clothes just like in Malaysia. Arrive at MSD at 9am to have the Eid prayer. As soon as the prayer finish, the MSD committees would distribute free food to everyone to the young, the vets even the non-malaysians that are there.we'll hang out few hours in front of the MSD catching up with friends and meeting new malaysian students in the UK. Some of the students whose class is on the day continue to their responsibilities and some just hang out , attending to "open houses" and take millions of photographs.

The difference between celebrating Eid here and in Malaysia is that we won't be able to share it with our family.

October 02, 2008


Here I would like to wish everybody back home in Malaysia Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin to Mama n Babah and Ajim and Adam and Aunty Kecik Family's and Ayah De and Aunty Effa Family's and Uncle Cik and Family's and all of my close friends and family. This is the 2nd time I celebrate Hari Raya in London... It's Simply Fun! Happy Raya all......

And not forgetting Selamat Hari Raya to Fairuz Yusof and his family back in Malaysia. Maaf Zahir batin eh. Forgive me for all my never-ending "kerenah"

And to my girl friends maya, ena, azeemah, dyana, fati, has, ein and bad, nadiah,shiq, bom, aliya bee, opy, asma' in france, nod and my beloved VG friends Arul, Apah, Rien, zie2, julie, Mantos, Poteq, Yat and EE and many of them that I forgot to name here,

And also to my guy friends, bob, taufiqshariff to name a few

Lastly to my Wawasan Club family and wreck unit