September 30, 2014

Would Not Trade For Anything

When you are a mom everyday you're faced with what you think is a simple challenge but turns out they could be sometimes something that you lose your mind to. Like for example, with Wildan, he is a fussy eater. Super fussy that most of the time I cringed when thinking about what to give him for dinner. His taste buds are somehow enhanced to a level where even adults like us couldn't taste it. He even gets bored when eating the same thing everyday. It can be hard sometimes because his choice of food are not just quite limited but very picky too.

For instance, you think pizza is his favourite. No problem just order them and done! his lunch is sorted. But noooooo... he might say "No" to pizza just because he doesn't feel like eating it. This boy of mine rather starve than eating something his taste bud don't feel like eating.

I lose my mind.

Now Fairuz and I are struggling with potty training. He just doesn't want to sit on it. He was okay at first but after a while it become a battle to even just wash him when he poop or when it's time to wash. Do you guys experience this kinda thing or is it just us?

He's 2 years and 8 months now and I think he should be potty trained by now. All of his friends in his class are by the way. Which is annoying becuase everytime I have to bring nappies to his school I blushed and say sorry profusely to his teachers which by the way are awesome.

A few of my friends who knows me asked me what I do all day long and do I sit home and just take care of my babies. I said yes! Proudly. Although I know some of them might think it could be boring to just sit home and do nothing. Oh well, let me tell you. It is far from nothing. I wish I have an extra hand to help me take care of them. You got laundry to do, floor to vacuum, mouth to feed, dishes to unload, kitchen to clean, toys to pick up for the 100th times and business to monitor. And each of those chores have their own unique challenges that you have to faced. Every. Single. Day. It is quite exhausting by the end of the day I am so knackered I could just sleep anywhere.

To those teachers in Wildan's nursery I salute them to work around children every day.

But by the end of the day nothing beats seeing your babies growing up right in front of your eyes. Seeing them developed into their real own character, taking their first step wobbly, them smiling at you when you make funny faces and hearing them laughing everyday. I would not trade that for anything. I have pledged to myself that I will take care of my babies full time at least until they are in pre-school and then I will work full time. Because honestly, as their mommy I would want myself to be the first to everything that they do. Before you know it they are all grown up and ready to leave you *cries.

For those very fortunate could send their kids to their grandparents. I could send them to nursery at a very young age and work but for me taking care of them myself is my priority. And thinking other people will take care of my baby, doing differently than I would do it. No thank you.

In my case, I don't see a point in having kids if I were to send them off for someone else to take care of them just because I want to have extra money.

I'm sure any mothers who could have the opportunity to be with their kids would choose that too. After all 3-5 years of not working is not that long.

August 21, 2014

Business Takes A Lot

Running a business long distance especially when the business is not yet reached its maximum establishment is hard. Super hard.

Imagine dealing with your staff only through whatsapp (thank god right?) and emails. Not to mention, never meeting your vendors face to face and dealing only through emails. Bless them. You really gotta have a reliable staffs. Although L'adorn is a partnership base business, my partner works fulltime and does not have access to our server through her company. She could only do so much. And I could only do so much. Plus, the time zone. Oh god time zone. It's totally upside down 180 degree between UK and Malaysia.

Sometimes it does take a toll on me. Not sleeping properly, dealing with frustration. And did I mention the website I build it on my own? I mean the template of course. Not that I did it by scratch but small editing and customising as well as content management. Yup! All by reading through tedious and long documentation. Sometimes I think I lost a lot of my time fixing bugs and error whenever we have problems.

Let me give you an advice to those who are thinking in doing business online and have no idea on building a website. Get a developer! or better yet. Subscribe to readymade website building tools like shopify. I swear it helps A LOT. The support system is the best!

My other advice to those who are thinking of doing business long distance like myself. Get a partner or someone you really really trust that could handle the business for you in the other country. Make sure your partner can do fulltime preferably otherwise get someone who can. A manager. Seriously.

Business takes a lot of sacrificing. I mean look at all the successful people who plunged themselves into their business. They quit their job, sell their house, sell their car just to get the capital and to a have start. But honestly, I think most of them are just pushing themselves to their limit. Which is good. How else do you push yourself if not to get our of your comfort zone? And what about loosing your time with your family and friends? Competition? I told you business takes a lot.

But of course once you're in it you will try your best to sustain the business. Most business fails in their first year. And reached their plateau in their 3rd year. So it is best to plan a head. Planning and strategise your business so that you can be a head of the game. Do not care about other competitor. Just be yourself and pray a lot. Focus. Delegate properly. Build a strong system first.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of working on your own and be your own boss.

My most trusted comrade. My model. The most sabar person I've known who tolerate my bossy - ness. I love her so much!

June 30, 2014

Holy monthly

It's the Ramadhan now and the muslims in the UK fast about 19 hours perday. Me. I'm nursing. It's very likely I am and will not fast for the whole month. I haven't fast for the past few years and if next year Allah wills me to do it, I am going to struggle a bit. I know.

I have to admit I do have a slight guilty feeling of not being able to fast. And last year (or was it the last 2 years? I can't remember), I tried fasting while carrying a baby in my belly. It was so hard I was on the verge of fainting. It was 16 hours of fasting at that time. So I completed only 2 days and decided to dropped it.

Some mothers are strong that they actually pay back by fasting for the whole month that they left. But because mine was about 3 years of not fasting, I choose to pay Fidyah instead.

The nights are short this summer so some of us choose not to sleep before the "sahur". We're afraid we might missed the small sahur window. Lets face it, keep snoozing off the phone doesn't help either. But to be honest, although it's 19 hours fasting it is not actually that bad. I mean, not that I fast or anything but this is based on my previous experience. Sure of course, if you don't walk past through a huge bigmac billboard to your uni like I did 3 years ago. I would say fasting during summer is A okay.

I love Ramadhan. For the non muslim there might not be much of a different but for me, Ramadhan is very peaceful to say the least. Don't you think?

I hope it is not too late to say Ramadhan Kareem to all Muslim in the world and may Allah accept our deeds throughout this whole holy month.

June 01, 2014

Boating and picnic-ing

Over last 2 weekends we had an opportunity to go out and enjoy a little picnic over the bank of a river. The weather was super wonderful so Fairuz hired a little boat for us to drive. And since we are now living outside of London, I'm starting to love being in a quiet little city, enjoying the space that we have and living among a nicer neighbourhood. Not to mention the people here are wayyyy nicer than London. Everyone seems to enjoy life even during winter time. I kid you not.

I could say I'm a bonafide city girl (I still am actually). But having 2 kids growing up in your house and realising that they need space and peaceful environment is vital for their development. So sacrifice is in order

A year ago Fairuz got a contract job to work here. So we thought after he finished his job, we'll be returning to London. The oil platform that he designed just sailed away a few days ago and that officially means his project has ended. Although I've been living in London during my whole UK living years and I love London so much, I secretly hope his current company has a new project and we'll be able to stay here longer than we plan to. Because...seriously! I love it here. And this place to London is not that far if we suddenly feel like going.

The broads that we went was really close to where we live. And it is absolutely beautiful.

I hope you had a great weekend too! Toodles!

May 08, 2014

Two rocks in my world

How to bake a star cookie with Wilwil. 
Open the recipe book and pretend that you can read at the age of 2.

Make a star shape from the cookie dough

Next, destroy the star shaped dough by pressing on them while eating them in interval.

Make someone else to make the cookie for you while you run and play with the other toys.

When finished baking, make sure you are the first to taste the end product.

I gotta admit that sometimes it is super hard to juggle between 2 children of your own on your own at the same time. Especially when one is a very active toddler who's eager to explore the world and want you to be there and the other is a baby who needs your constant attention. One or the other are bound to get upsets sometimes. And when they are asleep at the same time it's like winning a lottery (not that I know how that feels like but I'm just saying you know...)

And most of the time I can't help but feel crappy about myself which before I have these two I never or very rare feel crap about myself if you know what I mean. Motherhood brings life challenge to a whole new level really. Although you can plan your day but expect your day to change and you just need to be really flexible and creative and full of energy.

How did my mom juggled between 4 kids and with each of them just merely 2-3 years apart. Bless her.

While they are cute and adorable and make your heart grow bigger and I love them so so much, I  really am struggling with motherhood of two. How could I cook, do chores, shower and at the same time take care them two when my mom and sister go back? When one cries the other follows.

Cries a bucket. T_T

Oh dear me.

April 06, 2014

How you can shop with L'adorn

Nowadays there are a lot of ways to do business. Let me state the obvious. The net. In other word the Online way. In the UK, doing business online is already an established business. It's safe and convenient. Not to mention you are able to browse thousands and thousands of products just at the tip of your fingers. Here, there are rights to protect the customer. Like for example, if you do online you must have a return and refund policy. This will able the customer to returned the goods back to the retailer if they are unsatisfied with them. And we have not to worry about our confidential infos being keyed in at the checkout page. Because they have a very safe payment gateway system.

The technology has helped someone like us and me tremendously in running a full business. Even long distance. Many Malaysian are not yet have the confident to buy things online. Especially from those sellers who sell in the social media. I really don't blame them. Take instagram for example. It's super easy you can snap an instant picture and upload them and write "pre-order them today. To buy please whatsapp". Haha how simple.

Although I have nothing against people who does business this way, I also think that it is very important that you buy something from a retailer that have a return and refund policy. Or an established retailer. I totally understand that it is also expensive to have an official online store. Take L'adorn for instant. We pay roughly about RM1000 permonth just for the hosting space. And that does not include any other bits and pieces like the payment gateway fees, extension for the website, cpanel etc. You may pay on average about RM1500 permonth depending on your traffic and spaces. It's basically like opening a physical boutique if it in Malaysia.

But having tell all this I am still an advocate when it comes to online shopping. Why? Because it is super convenient for a working mom like me. Plus, we got to reached a wider audience. From all over the country or even more from all over the world.

Anyway, we at L'adorn have tried our best to encourage people to shop online. For those who are new and never bought something online, here's your chance to do it. Here is the link on where we teach our new customers on how to shop with L'adorn. I swear you're gonna love it more everyday!

April 05, 2014

How L'adorn got born

Most of my family and friends know I am running a small business of online retailing named L'adorn. I haven't actually told the real story of L'adorn yet but it is actually a fulltime proper running business with staffs, an office and an online web store. The other day Hijabi Stailista from TV9 Malaysia came to London to interview designers and bloggers in Europe including the UK. And one of them was me. Although I am not a designer but I had the honoured of being interviewed by them. 

 When they asked what is the history of L'adorn, I actually paused for a while. 

L'adorn has long been a plan of mine since 2009 when I started selling Tie rack scarves to my friends and readers in Malaysia. With a love and passion for beautiful fabrics and scarves I wanted to bring together scarves from different types and different corner of the world and sell them. So I have been saving some extra money from my scholarship that I received for my capital. Naturally my audience was Malaysian. But then to actually sell something from London and to have orders and to post them to Malaysia was actually ridiculous because of the expensive shipping cost. My margin was peanuts. So I hold on to the idea until I could find the right time and resources. 

 3 years later on 2012 luck has it that this girl name Ayu, who was then my blog reader chatted with me about her business has stopped because her UK supplier increased the prices of the scarves sold to her. she lost her only supplier at that time. Ayu was such a nice girl. The first time I met her was when she went for a holiday in London with her family and she was kind enough to offered to bring my skincare routine from Malaysia to me. Although I didn't know her that well I was interested to know about her business in Malaysia. She sold scarves right after she went back to Malaysia from the holiday. I told her I could probably be her supplier if she wanted to but she wanted something more. She wanted me to be her partner. Obviously I didn't think it was feasible at that time as I was in UK and she was in Msia. And to be honest I'm not the type who simply do something so serious like this with a stranger or someone I don't know well enough but she was such a sweetheart about it I decided why not. 

 I suggested to her the name L'adorn and to use her old platform (which already had fans) and to rebrand everything. Surprisingly She was OK with it and went along the plan. So there you go, L'adorn was realised. Until today L'adorn is co-owned and run with a small number staffs of 6. Today, L'adorn has a whole new business model.  

Of course there were lots ups and downs when you are doing a business. Naturally with 2 different personality and taste, Ayu and I had many many different opinions and miscommunications. Especially when both of us do not live in the same continent. I learn a lot during the past 2 years I did business with her. In fact I learn a lot more the past 2 years compare to what I learn throughout my studies (well PhD is exceptional. That is a whole new story on what I learn. Haha!). 

One most important lesson I learn was to really really really think about who you choose to be your partner in doing business. You either worked it out or you loose someone. It's like marriage really Except in business it is much more easier to get out from when there are troubles. Like the saying goes, you will not know a person until you either live with them or do business with them. I was so so lucky that mine is Ayu. I could not thank God enough for destined me to work with her. And I pray to Allah s.w.t that L'adorn and the relationship that has been build stays forever.

This proved that it is not impossible to do anything even when you live in another country and wanted to start a business in another country. Lots of people do so. It's harder but it is not impossible. I shall tell the stories of L'adorn bits by bits in this blog so that maybe one day my kids can benefit from it. Or probably someone out there can too.


Ayu and I circa 2011 in Harrods London